Cleveland, Marietta, and Slater

Brief History

J. Harvey Cleveland, born in 1815, invested in land in northern Greenville County, including a 300-acre tract along the North Saluda River which he bought from his father-in-law, Dr. Williams around 1840. Cleveland expanded the simple home on the property located in Cleveland, SC and made it his family home there. He also plotted a nearby settlement, named "Marietta" after his wife, Mary Louisa Williams Cleveland.

Though in an otherwise favorable location, the resulting village was slow to grow, possibly because the only direct access to the area was dangerous and long. Eventually, the CK&W rail line was laid past Marietta in the late 1880s and the train was given the nickname "Swamp Rabbit" due to the swampy terrain. In the 1920s, Geer Highway was built through the area, a new water reservoir provided better water access, and electricity was eventually provided by Duke Power.

Samuel Slater was the founding father of the American Textile Industry building the first textile in Rhode Island in 1790. He also started the first Sunday School Class. In 1803, Slater developed the first mill village for the employees called Slatersville. Slater expanded business in Massachusetts before coming to Marietta, SC. In 1927, the Slater family announced plans to build a 30,000-square-foot mill nearby and a mill village around it on land bought from Cleveland family members. Slater Mill opened in 1928 which became very successful and overwhelming the two communities with growth.

In 1934, Slater Hall was built for employees and their families to enjoy movies, boxing events, boys and girls scouts, social events, and dances. Slater Mill Village also had a grocery store, post office, barber shop, and diner. Slater Mill was also were champs for many years in the Greenville Textile Baseball League. In 1946, the Slaters sold their mill to J.P. Stevens & Company, and the J.P. Stevens' Slater Plant went on to produce the main material for the space suits used on the first moon landing in 1969 and space shuttle components as well.

Coordinates: 35° 1′ 45″ N, 82° 29′ 51″ W.

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Local Stories

Mays Cleveland's Home built 1939 (Above)

Marietta Post Office (Below)

Cleveland Mansion in Marietta Pictured Benjamin (9) & Samuel (18 mo)

Picture taken 1969